Meet the newest edition to our family.

Meet the newest edition to our family.

Anonymous said: are you able to exclusively breastfeed Isla? just curious, with your decreased caloric intake, if you were able to keep up with Isla's demand. Thanks!

Yes I am.
I’ve had a lot if questions about this and I just want to clear it up that with both children I’ve breastfed exclusively. And with both children, as with my pregnancies I’ve worked with a nutritionist to maintain a balanced diet that helps me produce nutritious milk.

jujubean6661 said: Why haven't you posted any YouTube videos in like forever?

Life with two kids is so hectic that keeping up with social media outside of quick, easy things like Instagram has taken a back seat.
It’s also partly because I rely on natural light a lot for decent lighting (my house is awful to light properly) and by the time I have a chance to make a video it’s dark.

I’m planning on making a catchup video over Christmas and posting all my half edited blog posts then hopefully keeping up to date in the new year.




Isla sleeps through the night now, or almost. I’d say six out of seven nights.
And she’ll sleep anywhere too.
So tell me why we’re still co-sleeping?

It took almost two years to get Dylan to sleep in his own bed, and in fairness he still ends up shoving me off my pillow at four am most nights.
Isla on the other hand just sleeps.
And yet I’m not moving her into her cot.
Why? Who knows.
Maybe I should.

The thing I’ve found with Isla is that she is just so different to Dylan.
In many respects they’re very similar, in the way they grow, their chilled out nature, teething early and being good feeders.
But in personalities, even now Isla is very different.
I remember thinking Dylan would never roll, or lift his head off the floor because he hated tummy time. He would scream bloody murder as soon as I put him on his stomach. Isla on the other hand loves being on her stomach and is constantly trying to roll.
She’s more determined. She wants to do things whereas Dylan was happy enough watching the toys and lights on his various mobiles.

She’s also a great sleeper. She goes down a little after Dylan and will wake up around midnight for a feed then sleep through till whenever we wake up.
Dylan was always a terrible sleeper during the night.
In contrast he was an amazing napper whereas Isla sleeps on and off throughout the day.
That could be due to a lack of routine. Dylan thrived on his routine, but after cutting his nap our routine fell away and our days are fluid now. Isla came into that fluidity. We’ve developed a bedtime routine for both of them that gets them bathed, ready for bed and asleep without any trauma, but apart from that routines aren’t part of our life.
This works for Isla in a way that would have been so disruptive for Dylan.

Being a parent you think you know what you’re doing, and to an extent you do. But really you only know the child you have. I’ve had to change what I thought I knew to suit Isla. Pack away things I thought if need because she has no interest.
It’s interesting learning with her as I learnt with Dylan and I’m so thankful that she is happy and content in her nature as she allows me to make mistakes and wrong assumptions based on what I thought I knew.
And while I’m learning it’s amazing to watch her learn, grow and change as well.

Celebratory pizza, a fireman sam obsession, PANTS!, Halloween, and tattoo designs.

Baths, meeting baby Leo, shopping trips and discovering Isla hates coats.

Catching up via Instagram.
Featuring - walks to ballet, being cute together and Dylan breastfeeding.

I haven’t posted for such a long time.
I have so many unedited drafts both here and on my blogger.
Life is just….
Anyway, I’m going to get my ass in gear and get back on track so watch this space…

In the meantime check out my Instagram: holz105

Anonymous said: does isla look like dylan did when he was a baby?

When she was first born she was the image of him, but now I can’t really see it. Her face seems to be constantly changing at the moment.

Anonymous said: how many hours does Isla go between feeds ?

About every three to four hours. Although she’s a fan of cluster feeding right now so that can throw her feeds right off.