My last post is pretty much redundant. We arrived at the doctors surgery to be told the nurse had called in sick and they hadn’t had time (since they opened at 830am) to call and notify us. 

Result of nurse calling in sick:

No blood tests for mama (so I’ll get it in the ass when my psych review rolls around next week)

No 12mo shots for Dylan

No morning nap for Dylan

Screaming Dylan all the way home because he was exhausted and wanted boob but as I was standing up on a packed bus I couldn’t give it to him.

Mama being close to tears from anger and frustration. (I mean I plan everything right, so I have my blood results on time, Dylan gets his shots on time, we can fit in a nap after the appointment and not sleep through lunch etc and it blows up in my face and I end up with a hysterical child and none of anything done.)

Dylan falling asleep as soon as we got home five minutes ago

Dylan probably sleeping through lunch and missing his afternoon nap because he’ll have just eaten a late lunch then not wanting dinner and falling asleep at 6pm because he’s tired and hungry but only wants boob. 

I’m changing to a surgery nearer to us. There’s actually one right across the street. It’s a shame because I have an amazing relationship with my GP, I’ve been seeing him since I was a child and he’s seen and supported me through all my treatment for my depression and anorexia, listened when I’ve cried, given advice and is probably one of the reasons I managed to get through school due to his talking to the school board about giving me time off for home study so I could concentrate on treatment. However, the surgery itself is incompetant. The receptionists are downright rude, thismorning one refused to call the doctor to print off a bloodwork form for m to take to the hospital and instead told me that it wasn’t a priority so I could make an appointment for next week. All I needed was the doctor to confirm she was allowed to print off something already in my file. They rarely call to notify you of changes in appointment times of cancellations, they refuse to pass on information (despite written consent) to other teams (such as my blood results) and more often than not when I need an emergency appointment they tell m there’s nothing they can do so I should go to the emergency room.

I’m calling the surgery round the corner to see if they can take Dylan and I onto their books. Hopefully they will and we’ll both be able to have our visits done and dusted within good time.