So I guess I have some news….
Meet the newest edition. Currently 12+4 and about the size of a plum.

I’ve known for a while, Amy’s known a little longer, she was telling me I was pregnant for about a month before I finally caved and took a test (or three).

Pregnancy posts to follow x

  1. rebirthofnewlife said: YAY!!!!!
  2. nica-s said: Congratulations to you! X
  3. rooandmealways said: Wow congratulations Holly!! Can’t wait to follow your pregnancy :) xx
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  5. ourlittlelove said: Wonderful news! Congratulations!!!
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  10. djheartbeatsxox said: Ya know the other day I was reading your post about your new house and I was like ‘I wonder when her next pregnancy update will be’ then reminded myself you weren’t one of the pregnant ones :| but you were ahha! Psychic? lol!
  11. thedefinitionofmycharacter said: Congrats!!
  12. navy--taxi said: They call me the womb whisperer
  13. sugarsnailsandacurlytail said: Congratulations! We’re not too far apart! I’m 7+3!
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